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Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances. ~ Maya Angelou

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New! Rhythmic Journey 4-week summer session

On 09, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In What's new | By admin

Learn to play the West African djembe in a fun & friendly group class!

Drumming not only feels good, but is good for you, too.

Drumming in community:

– Relieves stress
– Enhances our immune response
– Helps us connect with ourselves and others
– Encourages healthy emotional regulation
– Is fun & it feels good!

djembeRhythmic Journey – Summer 2017
4-week session
Thursday, July 6
Thursday, July 13
Wednesday, July 19
Thursday, July 27

All classes are from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Downtown Community Center
35B Weber Street East, Kitchener
Free parking + completely accessible space!

Cost? 4-week session is $64
$70 with drum rental (for use during class)

Have any questions?
Ready to register?

Email me today!


hello i’m kat

About me (Kat van Groove)
Since 2009, I’ve taught hundreds of people just like you to drum in Rhythmic Journey sessions just like this one. In one-time Play with Rhythm drumming workshops. And in my Deeply Rooted Rhythms meditative drumming sessions. So you are definitely in good hand-drumming hands!


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