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Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances. ~ Maya Angelou

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Learn to play the West African djembe

Rhythmic JourneyLearn to drum in Kat van Groove’s Rhythmic Journey session!

Tuesday evenings
Beginner class – 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Downtown Community Center
35 Weber Street East
Downtown Kitchener

You’ll learn:

  • Proper technique
  • Bass and tone notes
  • Essential rhythms
  • Drumming in Community

Cost: $160 for 10 weeks / $180 with drum rental


Kat, why does drumming feel so good?

super-tight-firm-grip-illustration-5We are social creatures. Humans literally need to spend time in close proximity with other humans, and social media doesn’t count. Close proximity can only happen in person. Drumming is a community activity that not only places us in close proximity with others, it creates the conditions for entrainment on a vibrational level. I know this sounds new-age-y, but it’s part of nature’s basic nature: to synchronize. Everything in nature moves toward sameness. Synchronicity, oneness, unity, harmony. High pressure systems move to low pressure systems. Energy travels at a vibrational level, through us. When we are within 4 feet of one another, our hearts’ electromagnetic fields communicate. Hug for longer than 10 seconds and oxytocin, a feel-good hormone, is released, as well as the “bliss molecule” anandamide, When we are in close proximity to others, we entrain to one another’s rhythms, which feels nice and cozy. This can include the actual rhythm we are playing on our drums, but it also includes our body temperature, our breathing, everything. We need to share this energy, and drumming allows us to share it without pretense or small talk or complex social conventions. You can sit and drum with people and share this complete human experience without verbal language, and leave feeling you know one another without ever actually learning anyone’s name!

Introverts welcome


We all need connection, but if you shy away from social settings & small talk, drumming in community might be your new thing. You get the benefits of social interaction without saying a word (unless you feel like it.)

It’s all about creating community!


We end each session with a potluck and facilitated community drum circle with friends and family. It’s all about making music in the moment, sharing positive vibrations and creating connection.

About Kat van Groove



I’ve taught hundreds of people of all ages to drum since 2009.

Please check out my bio if you’re interested.

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Let’s talk! Email Kat at