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Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances. ~ Maya Angelou

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:::creative expression through art & rhythm:::

Learn to play the West African djembe

Organic Groove Summer Drum Jam 2016

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New! Deeply Rooted Rhythms meditative drumming sessions

22nd September 2016 by admin

The healing benefits of
drumming in community
meets the mindfulness of meditation!

Deeply Rooted Rhythms
Meditative Drumming Session
10 weeks: January 17 – April 4

No class on Valentine’s Day
Tuesdays from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Downtown Community Center
35B Weber Street East, Kitchener ON
Free parking + completely accessible space!

~ Class size limited to 24 participants ~



In my work as a drumming instructor for many years, I developed meditative drumming techniques to help people who struggle to connect with their natural rhythm. Simple techniques, from deep breathing to gentle stretches and more.

When I discovered that these techniques are actually great for everyone, I created Deeply Rooted Rhythms. In this new session, we will quickly learn to drum on West African djembe drums and then go deeper and deeper into one or two simple rhythms in each class.


We think too much. Much too much.

"Happy Mind Happy Life" by Jodie York, brush script artist

“Happy Mind Happy Life” by Jodie York, brush script artist

Yes, we need to think big thoughts, but sometimes we think too much.

The roots of anxiety, insomnia, depression, OCD and many other mental issues–including stress–are linked to over-thinking.

If you are worrying about the past or the future, you are not rooted in the present moment.

Our minds are happiest–and lovely Alpha Rhythms will come out to play–when we are both paying attention and relaxed.

Deeply Rooted Rhythms will help you be here now!



Take a vacation. From your problems.

Doctor's Orders: Take a vacation from your problems ("What about Bob?", 1991)

Doctor’s Orders: Take a vacation from your problems (“What about Bob?”, 1991)

In the ridiculous comedy, “What about Bob?”, Bill Murray’s anxious character is given a unique prescription from his exhausted psychiatrist: “Take a vacation. From your problems.”

Deeply Rooted Rhythms will help you do just that.









Self-care is the best care

Self-care kitty!

Self-care kitty!

Deeply Rooted Rhythms will be your refuge in dark winter months.

We’ll go deep into each rhythm.

We’ll focus on slow relaxed breathing.

And together we will emerge refreshed!




No drum? No problem.

djembeEven if you have never drummed before, this session is for you.

We’ll start with drumming lesson and go from there.

And you can always rent a West African djembe for just $2 per class.

Learn to play the West African djembe

5th July 2016 by admin

Did you know? Kat van Groove teaches 10-week group Rhythmic Journey hand-drumming sessions. Learn to play the West African djembe in a fun and friendly space.

Fall 2016 Rhythmic Journey session
September 20 – November 29, 2016 (10 weeks)
No class October 11
Tuesday evenings
New drummers – 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Intermediate drummers – 8:30 – 9:30 pm

New location! Stanley Park Community Centre
505 Franklin Avenue North, Kitchener
Free parking + completely accessible space!

New drummers learn:

  • Proper technique
  • Bass and tone notes
  • Essential rhythms
  • Rhythm games
  • Drum Circle 101
  • Intro to Improvisation
  • Drumming in Community

Returning drummers learn:

  • Advanced technique (slaps, flams, rolls)
  • Intermediate level improvisation
  • Complex poly-rhythmic playing
  • Meditative Drumming 101
  • Authentic West African rhythms and drum songs

It’s all about creating community!

We end each session with a potluck and facilitated community drum circle with friends and family. It’s all about making music in the moment and creating community!

No drum? No problem!
You can rent a drum for just $2 per class.

Have any questions?
Ready to register?

Let’s talk! Email Kat at